Monday, November 3, 2014

X100K UpDate: An issue of "stacking"? Is There Stacking In X100K?

Is there Stacking in X100K? UPDATE: An issue of "stacking" has come to my attention. Here is my reply- Stacking is impossible in the company forced matrix. Attempting Stacking in the X100K, is also impossible, as the program requires you to be a pro member in order to attempt stacking of a member in the X100K. The process of requiring a member to be pro, causes positions to get placed in a matrix, that if stacking was attempted, would disrupt the stacking. Team building could be considered stacking, but isn't as new positions and actions by members causes different members to cycle different matrix's and get new positions. Trying to calculate the stacking order would be impossible as there are way to many factors to change the process and order that is required to do stacking. I monitor all matrix at all times and NO STACKING IS BEING DONE. Do not let another person tell you anything that is totally ludicrous, and ignorant of the program outline. They said we would not get 10,000 members... They said we are a scam... They said.. they said.. they said... The only thing that has come true of what is being said.. Is what I say! Regards, Michael CEO I-Affiliate Marketing Inc. LOOK HERE

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